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My Recipes:



Blackberry Margarita

Cilantro Martini

Cucumber Marini

Oprah’s Lemon Drop Marini

Pamplemousse Martini

Peachy-Berry Margarita

Pink Grapefruit Martini

Sour Apple Martini


Red Velvet w/ Cream Cheese Frosting

Vanilla & Blackberry cupcakes

Chocolate x3

Lemon Blueberry

Lemonchello Cupcakes

Chocolate Caramel Coconut Pecan Cupcakes

Chocolate cupcake w/ Salted Peanut caramel

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough cupcakes

Peanut Butter Madness Cupcakes

Mickey Mouse Cupcakes (decorating idea only)

Irish Car Bomb Cupcakes

Oreo Ball Cupcakes

Baby Shower 1

Baby shower 2

Bridal shower (decoration idea only)

Black Bottom Cupcakes

Pumpkin Cream Cheese muffins

Pumpkin Spice Latte Cupcakes

One Comment Add yours

  1. Chell Ockfen says:

    I can not wait to make the Lemon Blueberry cupcakes

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