Bridal Shower Cupcakes

I got the honor of making cupcakes for my cousins bridal shower; the theme was  lavender and  green and the decor was natural and for whatever reason I found that rather intimidating. I knew swirls of bright colors or over-sprinkled cupcakes wouldn’t fly here, but I had been wanting to do more gum-paste flowers for a while and what better occasion to do them than a bridal shower. That was until I came across the Hydrangea cupcakes on Glorious Treats.   These cupcakes where simply fabulous and I knew I had to make them. Now, my cousin is very classy, she works for a winery in San Luis Obispo and also has a flower business called Noonan’s Wine Country Designs.  She is an incredible artist and has an eye for design like no one I know, so of course I freaked myself out a bit wanting to get this right.  I just knew the hydrangeas would fit right in and I thought making some of them green and white would add a unique modern element. But that left out my favorite gum paste flowers and I had been waiting so long to try them, so of course I did both. I tried to incorporate the lavender and green so they would add the cute factor without standing out too much and I am so glad I did because I loved them.

Overall, they were a success, both designs are actually very easy to do but somewhat time consuming.  Call it a labor of love.  Anyone without a three year old, mother’s day and a birthday party that same weekend could accomplish these with no problem. I myself had  some rather late nights and a few mommy dearest moments, but I am happy to say everyone survived. (Thank you mom for all your help and thank you to my husband for his reassurance as his panicked wife screeched at him “do they look ok, tell me do they really?”)

These cupcakes where a success in my book as well as an important learning step in my decorating and time management abilities. I encourage anyone who likes them to give it a try, they honestly are not that hard, as long as you have the tools you need its quite simple.  I might possibly post the recipes in the future but for now this is just a picture post. Enjoy and hopefully you will be inspired to try them too.

One of my cousin’s good friend’s father hand carved this barrel for them.
The entire spread, I just loved the wood cabinet.
Pretty purple flowers

I am still peeved I left my finger prints on the wrappers, never again will I be so sloppy.

Cupcake ideas from:

Glorious Treats


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